Want to learn more about me? You brave soul.

I’m an anthropologist and archaeologist by training. BA from Gettysburg College. I chose to study remote corners of the world, excavating Khirigsuur standing stone burial grounds in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, and exploring the cultivation and uses of saffron in the Sahara desert of Morocco. Ironically, I don’t care much for hot places.

If you’ve read my first novel, The Emperor’s Horn, it may not surprise you that ancient, mysterious artifacts play an important role in all my writing. I like to play with why people assign immense sentimental value to objects. Adding magic to the mix only makes it more interesting.

Fantasy and science fiction captures my attention and admiration in equal measure. As a child, the only time my parents let me stay up late was when Star Trek was on tv. Space exploration fascinates me every bit as much as a well-crafted fantasy world, and I hope to share several works in progress with more of a sci-fi bent in the future.

My favorite D&D character is the first one I ever rolled: Mira, the half-elf rogue. The number of nat 20’s she crit allowed for some truly stunning acrobatics. With her love of mischief and acerbic insults, it’s a miracle she survived any bar fight or dungeon. Outrageous flirting and dumb luck may have helped. A little.

Skyrim and Don’t Starve are favorite games of mine. In Skyrim, I play as characters from my books, which is satisfying and terrible in equal measure. Luther picks up every single book he finds… yes, the ruined ones, too. Herbert picks every plant, Teguin mines every vein of ore… you get the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this window into my psyche. Cheers, and happy reading.