Hi there! Come to find out more about me? You brave soul.

Well, let’s start with some random facts and then move on to a few interesting tidbits:

I’m an anthropologist and archaeologist by training. BA from Gettysburg College. I’ve been lucky to travel to remote corners of the world, which include excavating Khirigsuur standing stone burial grounds in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, studying the cultivation and uses of saffron in the Sahara desert of Morocco, and diving to explore the buried Roman ruins along the Amalfi coast of Italy. That last one was just for the fun of it while on vacation; Roman ruins are fascinating.

If you’ve read my first novel, The Emperor’s Horn, it may not surprise you that ancient, mysterious objects play an important role in my writing. As an anthropologist, I’m fascinated that most people form strong attachments to objects they assign immense, personal value. Just try to take away someone’s phone, or borrow their favorite jacket, or use a jack-knife inherited from a beloved grandfather; you know the look you’ll get.

But now I’m getting sidetracked. More about me, since that’s why you’re here.

I love Star Trek. I’ve been a trekkie my whole life, and the only time my parents ever let me stay up late was when Star Trek was on tv. Exploration and discovery fascinate me every bit as much as fantasy, and I look forward to sharing with you several works in progress with more of a sci-fi bent.

I’m passionate about single malt scotch. This is in part due to my father’s passion for it, but also because I enjoy all the layers and subtlety to each distillery and bottling. Like many things, it’s an art. Depending on my mood, I’ll likely have either a Glenmorangie or Ardbeg 10 in my glass unless I’m feeling particularly fancy. Highland Park 18 is marvelous, and I’ve recently become enamored with Aberlour 12. Yes, I know, that’s a lot of scotch but trust me, there are others. If you run into me I suppose that means you’ll know what I like to drink!

Hmmm, what else, what else.

My favorite Dnd character is the first one I ever rolled: Mira, the half-elf rogue. The number of lucky d20 rolls I had on that character allowed for stunning acrobatics, and, with her love of acerbic insults, it’s a miracle she survived any bar, dungeon, or cave.

When I take a break from my writing, I have fun baking tasty things like scones, cornbread, and cinnamon rolls. I’ve never been much of a cupcake fan.

I also go through semi-addictive phases of playing Skyrim and Don’t Starve. Playing Skyrim as characters from my book is satisfying and terrible in equal measure. I once made the “character” of Luther pick up every single book he found. The ruined ones, too.

Well! If you’re still with me I hope you’ve enjoyed this window into my psyche. Cheers, and happy reading,