Finding music to listen to while I work is a challenge. As a musician and music lover myself, I have to search long and hard to find something pleasant to listen to without it being distracting.


Credit to Pixaby Public domain


Instrumental and classical music tends to work the best, as words can be distracting. But, occasionally I get lucky and find choral music that is hauntingly beautiful. Foreign languages seem to help me tune out what is being said, and I look for more of an immersive experience to help me focus and find a good level of consistent energy to get my work done.

One of my latest discoveries is an Irish choral group by the name Anuna. I’ve heard they are most famous for being featured early on in ‘Riverdance’, which was wildly popular in the 90’s. Since then they’ve produced several albums of their own.

If you’re looking for something soothing to feed your soul, I highly recommend you look them up.

They have several songs up on youtube to listen to for free, and several albums are free or available to purchase with Amazon Prime Music. I buy the albums I love to support the artists, but you can also get to know them on their own website. Happy listening.


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