The Blades have been hiding in the shadows for long enough.

A millennium after the Relic Wars, something is stirring—Something silent. Something powerful.

Seekers are scouring the Imperium to collect and control any sources of magic that remain. When one Seeker uncovers a legendary horn with extraordinary power, he will have to face the ruthless Tarnished Blades, or risk losing a vital hold on magic in the Imperium.

In the Emperor’s Horn, magic has returned to the Imperium at an alarming rate. Determined to stay in power, the Empress sends her seekers to find those with unusually strong magical abilities, and renews her efforts to uncover ancient magical Artifacts hidden from the time of the Relic Wars.

Magic is an inexplicable and dangerous gift to many who possess it. Herbert Tanasen and Teguin Dorst cross paths when they both find themselves traveling to a secret haven in Praxis, but, their magical abilities couldn’t be more different.

Herbert Tanasen’s family has farmed the land in Falden Province for generations. Their orchards yield unusually delicious fruit due to Herbert’s secret use of Constructive magic. The Empress has recently granted the Tanasens a noble title to honor their success, yet Herbert’s magic proves more powerful than anyone predicts. His father decides to send him to Praxis so he can better learn to control it before their use of magic is discovered by the wrong person.

Teguin Dorst is a merchant apprenticed to his uncle, Feran. He loves his life on the road, but his world is turned upside down when a dangerous accident on leaves his arm encased in glowstone. His uncle brings him to Praxis, where they learn that he has Destructive magic, and the potential to do great harm to himself and to others if he cannot learn more about his abilities.

Rumors become reality with an ancient magical Artifact known as The Emperor’s Horn is found. To keep the Empress from recovering the Horn, a group of bandits known as the Blades goes to great lengths to hunt down and silence the Seeker who discovers it. Caught up in the power struggle, Herbert and Teguin embark on a journey which binds their lives, and their futures, to the fate of the Imperium.


Ancient secrets are buried with the dead. A Bone Reader can unlock them all. 

Teguin Dorst and Herbert Tanasen are willing to defy the Imperial Empress herself to rescue Teguin’s kidnapped master, a woman with the rare ability to recall memories of the dead through their bones. But when Teguin finds Master Troug, he realizes that the Blades aren’t what he expected at all. A rescue becomes a fight for survival, and a race to uncover the truth before an Imperial army destroys the Blades for good.

Memories of the attack on Praxis haunt Herbert Tanasen. Reeling from the loss of the woman he loved, Herbert uses his magic to attack others. Unable to control his anger, he faces a terrible decision: bring an end to both the Blades and Teguin, or betray his family and everything the Empress has given them.

Praelor Thurst is willing to sacrifice everything and everyone in his path to control magic, even as he loses the last of his power. Faced with his imminent death, he must convince the Empress to make magic a recognized part of the Imperium in order to ensure the future of all. Some secrets demand both loyalty and sacrifice – if they don’t kill you first.