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The first Emperor of the Imperium has banned the use of magic. After drawing on too much in a time of great need, only scraps of it remain in the world, and common knowledge of magic has faded from a forbidden practice to a forgotten legend. The Relic Wars are over.

Magic is an unknown gift to many who possess it, and those who may have powerful magic are sought for secret training in Praxis, a University controlled by the Empress. Herbert Tanasen and Teguin Dorst cross paths when they both find themselves traveling to Praxis, but, their magical abilities couldn’t be more different.

Herbert Tanasen’s family has farmed the land in Falden Province for generations. Their orchards yield unusually delicious fruit due to Herbert’s secret use of Constructive magic. The Empress has recently granted the Tanasens a noble title to honor their success, yet Herbert’s magic proves more powerful than anyone predicts. His father decides to send him to Praxis so he can better learn to control it before their use of magic is discovered by the wrong person.

Teguin Dorst is a merchant apprenticed to his uncle, Feran. He loves his work, but his world is turned upside down when a dangerous accident on the road leaves his arm encased in stone. His uncle brings him to Praxis, where they learn that he has Destructive magic, and the potential to do great harm to himself and to others if he cannot learn more about his abilities.

With magic returning in growing strength, old enemies of the Imperium stir. An ancient magical Artifact known as The Emperor’s Horn is found, and a group calling themselves the Blades goes to great lengths to reclaim the Horn. Caught up in the power struggle, Herbert and Teguin embark on a journey which binds their lives, and their futures, to the fate of the Imperium.