Welcome to my Inspiration Corner, a place to gain a little heart and soul and imagination. Pull up a chair and stay awhile.

When life sucks the creativity and drive out of you, it really can pack a punch.

Success in writing – as in many things – is a long and laborious journey. I wish that every day my cup of writing inspiration would start full to the brim with creativity and ideas.  The reality is that I often rely on old habits and creative outlets to get my digital pen and ink flowing.

To recharge my energy and keep on writing, I find a few things particularly helpful: music, food and drink, and the great outdoors. Whether I stumble across a new artist I like or find a new drink to enjoy, I would like to share it with you in the hope that it will bring a moment of shared joy and creativity. This is my way to give you a window into what makes me tick while working on my books.

Search ‘Inspiration Corner’ on my website, and you’ll find posts on music, food, drink, and nature, all my personal recommendations for feeding your soul.

Whether you’re stuck in a writing rut or just having a bad day, I hope the Inspiration Corner posts help you find your way again. Remember in the words of a wise man J.R. R. Tolkein, “Not all who wander are lost.”

~ J.R.M.